Top Five Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Emma, I would love to take Long Haul Child Friendly Holidays with my three little ones, but I’m terrified that nobody will sleep, and the holiday won’t be the relaxing break I’d imagined. Can you recommend any Top Tips for beating Jet lag, and help me to ease my mind?!

Jetlagged Sky, Child Friendly Holidays, Beating Jet lagJet lag is something we all worry about when taking Long Haul Child Friendly Holidays, I was certainly concerned when we went to Barbados, but it’s amazing how quickly your whole family can adapt if you have the right knowledge, even on Baby Holidays or Toddler Holidays. This is where I called on Nicola, you can find her kids travel advice site at www.jetlagandmayhem.com and follow her on twitter @jetlagandmayhem. Originally from London, Nicola has been living in Asia for the past nine years. She has always been obsessed with travelling, from backpacking the globe to seeking out Asia’s finer luxury destinations. After becoming Mum to two little girls (and now globetrotters in their own right!) she now shares her tips on making travelling with kids easier. She agreed to share her top tips on beating jet lag with us at “Ask Emma”, and here they are…

Top Five Tips for Beating Jet lag

The dreaded word ‘jetlag’ is enough to put many a parent off travelling on longhaul Child Friendly Holidays. However, I’m here to say don’t let it! Just go into your holiday knowing that the first few days might be tough and remembering that nobody stays jetlagged forever.

Here are 5 tips to help get you over the dreaded jet lag. Be mindful that flying West is easier on the body than flying East (apparently flying East is in direct competition with your natural bodyclock).

Nicola and her family In Hong Kong, Toddler Holidays, Beat Jetlag1) Change your watch and put your kids onto a local routine as soon as you arrive at your destination. I normally allow a bit of leeway on the first day but come day two, wake them up and get on with your day. On the first day it might also help to put the kids to bed a bit later than usual.

2) Go out and enjoy some daylight – especially if you’re all exhausted and want to collapse on the hotel bed! This will help to reset your bodyclock. This is also useful when planning which flight to take as flights arriving in daylight hours help in overcoming jet lag more than arriving at night.

3) For the plane – pack healthy snacks for the kids that will keep them feeling full but aren’t filled with too much sugar. My kids love homemade popcorn and fruit roll ups.

4) If the kids wake up in the night on your Child Friendly Holidays, and want to play, try not to engage with them too much – you want them to think it’s night time! Keep the lights low and try to keep them in bed. Give babies extra milk feeds if they need them, a full belly will help settle them back to sleep.

5) There are various homeopathic blends on the market. I use one called Baby Sleep by Native Essentials. If your kids are really struggling you could also try giving them some antihistamine e.g. Piriton which might help them to sleep.

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