Introducing Kooshi: Back Pack and Best Buddy in One

It’s after school on a Friday when our boys come home to an exciting, giant Kooshi-wrapped bag on our living room floor. Excitedly the tear it open, and “delighted” doesn’t begin to describe what’s inside!

Introducing the Kooshi Back-pack. What’s in the box is a beautifully designed, well-made, brightly coloured kids back pack with a special friend attached. Our elder son has Monty the Monkey, and our younger Eddie the Teddy. These gorgeous, snuggly, cuddly faces come attached to the bag, but are also easily removable, so that you can take them on your adventures AND cuddle up with them at home. Essentially, they can be with you always: your best buddy day and night.

The first thing elder son asks me, with Monty Monkey held tight in his arms, is “Why does he have one ear bigger than the other Mummy?” delightedly I explain that Monty has one big ear and one small ear because we are not all always symmetrical, we come in all different shapes and sizes, and we all have our little imperfections. Elder son actually has Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, and his hands are very floppy, he has to use a special glove when he writes, so he smiles excessively at this and squeezes Monty that bit tighter. This is a charming feature, and as a parent, one of my favourite things about the back packs. Our children are so often striving for ridiculous levels or perfection and Kooshi says “you are perfect just as you are”.

Besides this Teddy and Monkey are indescribably luxurious and cuddly to the touch, and they start going with the boys everywhere. They are cushions when they watch telly, they are pillows when they go to sleep, they are comforters on the sofa, and when we go on our holidays to Cornwall, they come too, with the back-packs. When it rains there are even secret rain covers tucked away in pockets beneath the bags to stop our cuddly pals from getting wet!

The back-packs themselves are very roomy with plenty of space for favourite toys, stickers books, drink and snacks. The material is wipe-clean and the straps are padded for extra comfort. The very special thing about these back-packs is that they also become special friends. Monty and Eddy came with their own personalities:

“Eddie is the leader of the pack. He loves nothing more than playing and rolling around the woods in the soft moss during the warm sunny Summer days.

He might come across as a little shy sometimes but when he gets to know you, he will become your friend for life. Please take care of Eddie and try to share all your adventures with him”

“Monty is a very cheeky and funny monkey. He wants to have fun all day long. Swinging around the tree tops is his favourite morning activity. Eating lots of bananas and sleeping in the afternoon under a leafy palm is where you can normally find Monty. He can get a little mischievous but he is very loyal friend and will always be there for you. Monty is always ready for adventure so make sure you don’t leave him behind”

These descriptions match the boys’ personalities perfectly, and suddenly they want to go on more adventures than ever. They even start role-playing with their back packs…any chance for Monty to be mischievous, he takes it, and Eddie has to bring him back in line!

Kooshi also sell two further Kooshi friends: Luna the Bunny and Koko the Cat, so there’s a personality to match every child.

It has been delightful watching our children smile so much around a back-pack, and be so comforted by them. They really are the perfect travelling companion, and knowing that if ever they stay away, Kooshi will be there too, is a great comfort to me as a Mummy.

Kooshi back-packs retail at £28.00 each on the Kooshi Website, they are the perfect gift, and come highly recommended by Best Child Friendly Holidays.

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