Is This the Best Time to Book Next Year’s Holiday?

Is this the best time to book next year’s holiday? With Free Child Places now available, the answer is yes, and here’s why…

Today Tui and First Choice have relaunched their 2019 holidays, meaning that for the next few days there will be thousands of free child places up for grabs on all of their most popular holidays. Jet2Holidays have also recently launched their 2019 holidays and free child places. These free child places are literally like gold dust, because in peak season they can save you as much as £2000 in your holiday. Though next summer seems a very long way off, there will not be another time during the year-long selling cycle when discounts get this good. Also, booking early allows you the extra advantage of your pick in accommodation. The most popular resorts will most likely be sold out during peak weeks by April at the lasest, so Book Now in order to guarantee your top choice.

The holiday promotional season runs something like this for all UK tour providers:

January-September: promotional discount codes are made available for the summer ahead. These can save you somewhere in the region of £100 on your holiday. The best of these codes are usually available in the January Sales. Eurocamp and UK tour provider Haven offer heavy discounts in January. Package holiday providers offer smaller discounts.

April: Holidays are launched for the following year and free child places are made available. Free child places can save you up to £2000. Free child places are so popular they are often gone within days. Peak-time free child places are often gone as quickly as within 24 hours at the most popular family resorts

July (and sometimes September): Relaunch of the following season’s holidays with more hotel rooms and extra free child places available. Again, these move very quickly.

September: Eurocamp offers heavy discounts on their holidays for the year ahead, ranging from 20% on peak time holidays to 50% on off peak.

The only other time at which you can grab savings like these is last-minute, when, if you’re lucky, you can save up to 50% on your holiday. The problem here is that the top resorts tend to sell out very early on, so your choice will be limited.

So, Book Now if you would like to secure your Best Child Friendly Holiday package holiday at the very best possible price. Exciting times! Happy Holidays.

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