Keeping Tantrums at Bay Whilst Your Away!

Picture the scene: you’ve arrived at your beautiful beach-side destination. The heat of your sun is warming your skin and a light sea breeze ruffles your hair. Sunglasses on, spirits high you pick up the buckets and spades and head for the beach…oh yes, this is the stuff dreams were made of! Merrily you set to building a giant sandcastle, and look up to take in your gorgeous toddler’s face full of…ANGER! Oh no, here comes that familiar sound!….waaaaaaaaaa!

Toddler tantrums are not something any of us want to us experience on holiday…it’s a “holiday” after all! A well-earned break during which we expect to leave the stresses of our life behind. At www.bestchildfriendlyholidays.co.uk we have learned by doing that toddlers seem to lack that built-in switch we flick when we go into holiday mode. It is absolutely possible to have a fun-filled and relaxing family holiday together, but it does take some planning.

Here are our top tips for Keeping Tantrums at Bay Whilst your away

1. Make sure they get enough sleep. Just as when you are at home, sleep is so important to keep them on their best behaviour, make sure you prioritise it. If you have a good bedtime routine and sleep schedule at home, try to stick to it as best you can. If you’re going to be out later in the evening, try to set aside some nap time in the day. If the hotel doesn’t provide black out blinds, ensure you pack a travel one so that you all get a restful night’s shut eye. Another trick we’ve found is to pack their own pillow cases, it makes the bed smell like home!

2. Try to limit their sugar intake. It’s a tricky one on holiday, we know, but keeping it down to just one sugary treat a day makes a big difference. The day our toddler tucked into his third Cornetto is one we never want to repeat!

3. Going to the beach or pool? Be prepared. What is your toddler going to need to be most comfortable there? Drinks, snacks, sun hat, shade, something to play with…all of these things are a must for an enjoyable time there.

4. Choose child-friendly restaurants and take amusements. Lots of our hotels at best child friendly offer amusements for kids during dinner time. If you’re self-catering, look for restaurants with a playground so that they can move around in-between courses. Always take a few handy toys/some colouring, and when these are exhausted, a tablet fully pre-loaded with peppa pig is essential. This is your holiday too!

5. Adjust your own expectations to keep everyone happy. Holidays are going to be different now, not better or worse, just different. The day you used to spend at the beach might now turn into an hour or two. You might need to eat dinner a little more quickly, you might need to return to your apartment for sleep in the early evening, or even in the middle of the day. Having more realistic expectations is a great way to diminish your own frustrations and keep yourself peaceful and happy.

6. If in need, drink wine!

Adapting to a holiday with a baby or toddler takes some adjustment. Remember though, before you were a parent you didn’t have that super smiley little face to wake up to in the morning, you didn’t have those warm little arms reaching out for you, desperate for a cuddle from you, the person at the centre of their whole universe. Holidays are different now, but perhaps they are even better than before…

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