Preventing Travel Sickness

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Our Guide For Preventing Travel Sickness:

It was a balmy afternoon on a beautiful winding road on a Majorcan coastal path. Immense coastal views surrounded us, the sky was a brilliant blue and a toddler was groaning in the back of the hire car. “I don’t feel well”, “my tummy hurts”. Instructions were given to look out of the side window and take in long deep breaths of air….”I don’t feel any better”, he started to cry, I turned to look at him, he’d taken on a chalky hue…”I think I’m going to be…”…and there is was, an immense pile of vomit all over the hire car, for which a substantial charge was issued. A scenic afternoon out had literally turned to crud!

After that, we were determined not to get into the same situation again, and have therefore learned many tricks for preventing travel sickness. Touch wood, since undertaking substantial research, we’ve had no more episodes and are enjoying even the most twisty and turny journeys!

Here’s our Guide to Preventing Travel Sickness:

Clearly, the most proven method for treating any kind of severe motion or travel sickness is medication. The most popular brands for children are Kewells, Dramamine (which you can give from 2) and Benedryl. You can buy these over the counter and take them about an hour before departure. Check with your pharmacist regarding the most appropriate product for your little one. For kids who need their medicine a little more disguised, we also love Queasy Drops and pops travel sickness sweets, and you can buy travel lollies from Boots and Tesco.

There are also many natural methods designed to stave off travel sickness. Travel sickness bands (which work by using acupressure to rebalance the ions in the body) work really well for our little boy. On long trips we carry a stash of the ginger biscuits which were so effective for me in early pregnancy, and peppermint, ginger or spearmint essence to ease nausea.

One key method for preventing travel sickness is looking out of the front window and focussing on the steady point of the horizon. This is hard for kids in the back seat because they can’t see it, so sit them in the middle, or in the front seat. Travel with the air conditioning on or the windows down, and sing songs along the way as a method of distraction. Watching tablets or reading books will only increase travel sickness symptoms. And finally (I’ve saved the best for last!) Many people swear by sitting on a newspaper to prevent travel sickness! Nobody really knows why this works (is it the smell, or the fact that it reduces your motion?!) but apparently it does. We must try this on our next long car journey.

Wishing you many happy journeys, free from vomiting!

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