Top Tips for Soothing Your Baby

Happy, Calm and Relaxed babies mean happy parents! Below, Baby Massage Expert Kirsty Manning from www.kmmassagetherapy.co.uk offers her top tips for keeping babies calm and soothed on holiday and in everyday life:

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The main reason for young babies becoming unsettled and upset is hunger, digestive discomfort or tiredness. Unfortunately sometimes they cry even when they are fed, not in pain and not tired. Here’s a few tips and tricks you may want to try to help soothe your baby.

Alleviate their Gas or wind. A good technique you can try to alleviate the pain from
your babies gas or wind is to bicycle your babies legs slowly and gently for a couple of minutes. The movement may help relieve the build up of any accumulated gas. You can also try pushing your baby’s
knees in towards their tummies, again do so slowly and gently.
Give them a nice warm Bath. Some babies love bath time. If yours is a water baby, try a nice warm bath to help soothe them.
Sing to them as only a parent can. Did you know your babies favorite sound is you? Your baby will recognise voices from the womb so singing a song or nursery rhyme is the best soundtrack for them.
Use White Noise There’s nothing like an extractor fan or hairdryer to help sooth a baby when the going gets tough. It’s good to remember this on holiday too, as most hotel rooms have a hairdryer when all else fails.
Stroke the skin to sooth . Babies have a physical need to be touched in a kind, caring and safe way. There’s a reason lots of babies want to be held all the time, they’re biologically programmed to want to and to respond positively to nurturing touch.

Try a baby massage class before you travel to learn some techniques to connect and communicate with your baby. Babies often sleep really well after a massage as it stimulates their parasympathetic nervous
system. Although it won’t help them sleep through the night it may help them sleep longer for naps or help them get to sleep as part of a bedtime routine.

If your baby has any ongoing health issues please check with your healthcare provider before using any of the techniques suggested. The advice suggested here should not replace advice from a healthcareprofessional.

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