Superb Baby Holidays and Toddler Holidays…on Campsites!

I know what you’re thinking Baby Holidays and Toddler Holidays…on Campsites?! That’s the nuttiest thing you’ve ever heard of! You’re envisaging a toddler clambering all over you as you sleep together on the floor of a very confined space, he’s shouting that he’s desperate for the toilet, but there isn’t one. The ground sheet is leaking, there’s a hole in the roof, and there are toys where you thought you left your underwear. Your little one’s shouting at you because he’s hungry but there’s nowhere to prepare formula…this is not the stuff that Child Friendly Holidays are made of.

As someone who pretty much grew up on a Eurocamp site, I am pleased to report that this is a false image. Eurocamp have 40 years’ experience in creating perfect Child Friendly Holidays, Baby Holidays and Toddler Holidays, and 91% of people who have holidayed with them would book again. Here are my top five reasons to bite the bullet and take your Baby Holidays and Toddler Holidays on Campsites this year:

Baby Friendly Holidays, Toddler Friendly Holidays

1. The Accommodation.

Staying in Eurocamp accommodation is not really so much camping as glamping. If you do opt for baby and toddler holidays in tents, they will be very spacious, with separate sleeping compartments for you and the kids, and beds and cots provided. There are even curtains at the windows! Every tent comes fully equipped with it’s own stove, fridge and cooking equipment (and kettle for boiling water to make formula). Your Toddler Holiday will be on a large emplacement with room for your little one to play safely, and if it does rain, there’s room to play inside as you listen to the gorgeous sound of water hitting the canvas. It won’t be cold…it’s not England 🙂 Wash and toilet facilities are in a shower block, always very well maintained with plenty of hot water: it’s like a little adventure for little ones trotting over there. Most Eurocamp sites have exceptionally well kept baby bath facilities en bloc. Eurocamp can even provide you with a potty for the tent, in case there’s an emergency at night-time.

Personally, I prefer to have my own toilet and a microwave, so I like to choose from the selection of Holiday home accommodation. This ranges from classic caravans to gorgeous vistas with en suite facilities, kitchen, and all of the mod cons. The accommodation is perfect for little campers as it’s all on one floor, and on special toddler safe pitches. Avant and Azure models come with a safety gate built into the decking as standard. Often, the difference in price between a two or three bed model is not significant, and it’s worth the investment because three beds are double the width, meaning more living space and somewhere to put your cases. Eurocamp can provide cots, highchairs, changing mats, black out blinds, baby baths and bed rails free of charge.

2. The Kids’ Clubs. Eurocamp baby and Kids’ clubs are second to none. The majority of hotels don’t provide entertainment for kids under 3, thankfully Eurocamp is the exception to this rule. Giggles are guaranteed at mini fun stations, where you can laugh, jump, splash and play from just six months old. Activities include balance bikes, mini chefs, messy monsters, sensory play, fanatasy play, water play, and more! Clubs generally run from May through to September. Kids’ clubs are especially fun with Eurocamp, the kids don’t feel hemmed in, as the fun usually takes place outdoors or in a play tent, but with expert supervision. There was never an occasion when I didn’t enjoy going, and I was a shy child. The play tent is meant to have paint splashed all over it, and pictures on the walls, and children are encouraged to be children there. The best bit is that all of this fun comes free of charge!

baby friendly holidays, toddler friendly holidays

3. These are Toddler Holidays and Baby Holidays full of activity. All of the sites we recommend on our campsites page have playgrounds and splash pools for little ones too, so besides the joy of just being on an adventure in the great outdoors, in delightful settings in open countryside or near the beach, there’s always plenty for them to do on site. Some sites offer mini discos and soft play zones as well.

4. The journey. Eurocamp offers you the freedom to choose how you arrive at your Baby or Toddler Holiday destination. You have three options: you can fly, or take a Eurostar (lots of sites are situated near airports and terminals) or drive after taking a ferry crossing or the Eurotunnel. I would really recommend the latter option. Not only is it cheaper to drive to your destination, but you have the freedom to pack up your car with whatever you need (no restrictive luggage allowance), and stop and start as and when you need to. You won’t need to hire another car when you arrive, and you can park on your emplacement. It cost us approximately £600 to drive to and from France when we tried it this year (the tunnel was £150 return as we drove in peak season). Our sons were contented with story tapes, we played games and watched the counryside and the roads were clear.

If you opt for the boat, a ferry crossing can be a real highlight of your journey. For my family, this was always a favourite moment: we drove down to Dover in the morning, enjoyed a full English breakfast on the boat, and my sisters and I went and watched the cartoons in the cinema afterwards before taking a walk on the deck…it became a tradition. Eurocamp will also help you to plan your route, and if you’re travelling south, it can be part of the fun to stop overnight at a quaint French hotel in gorgeous little village somewhere (we always had hot chocolate and croissants for breakfast, and took pockets full of sugar cubes away with us to eat in the car…what a treat!)

5. The price. For everything that’s included, the prices of Eurocamp Baby Holidays and Toddler Holidays are just phenomenal, and far cheaper than any other Child Friendly Holiday option. Travelling in peak season (school summer holidays) you would be looking at paying around about £1000 for a week, for your whole family. Earlier in the season, in May for example, you could get a holiday from as little as £150, if you choose the right special offer….that’s including kids’ clubs!

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You can also go straight to the Eurocamp website to search what else they have to offer.

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