“Everything is Awesome” Our Review of LEGOLAND Windsor

“The kids were filled with delight, from bottom to brim, all day long” Our Family Review of LEGOLAND Windsor Resort

If you would like to find out more about staying at LEGOLAND Resort Windsor, please vist our UK Resorts Page and check out the Bricktastic Castle Hotel!

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There are approximately 55 million LEGO bricks at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort…55 MILLION! From the minute you pass through those bricktastic Duplo-topped entrance gates you know, beyond doubt, that you’re in for a treat. There are magnificent feats of LEGO design absolutely everywhere. You’ll find LEGO super heroes, pigs, giraffes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, mariachi band, farmers, pirates and more. It’s an absolute feast for LEGO loving eyes, and a wondrous, inspiring, colourful adventure for kids, and that’s before you’ve even gone on any rides. Walking down to the attractions you’re surrounded by a happy-making mix of LEGO intermingled with gorgeous flowers and trees. LEGOLAND, Bricktastic, LEGO, LEGOLAND Resort Windor, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, Child Friendly Holidays

The excitement swells in your tummy, tingles in your fingers and bounces out of the soles of your children’s feet as you wait impatiently for the park proper to open at 10am. The 10 hours total we spent here were filled with delight and family memory
making. My 9 year old, who rarely holds my hand these days, held on tightly in excitement all day long.

The Thrills

LEGOLAND is jam-packed with over 25 rides. Our boys were literally beaming, joking, jumping and giggling all day as they anticipated more fun and adventure.

They couldn’t get enough of the awesome Dragon Roller Coaster. This takes you on spectacular medieval brick tour, where you’ll meet breath-taking LEGO Knights and Wizards before initiating your own thrilling flight on the twists and turns of the rollercoaster itself. They also raved about the Ninjago ride, where they put on their 3D glasses, became virtual Ninjas, and helped to take down the bad guys.LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, Child Friendly Holidays, LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

LEGOLAND Windsor, Haunted House Monster Party

Outside the Haunted House Monster Party. Thankfully there was nothing as scary as this inside!

For a taste of something brand new, we headed to The Haunted House Monster Party which was a big hit and not at all scary. The banqueting room actually turned upside-down whilst we were in it (I’m still bamboozled about how this happened!), We loved taking our boat ride to Pirate Falls, past the pesky LEGO pirates and parrots before whizzing down the log flume and getting utterly soaked! Even more awesome, at LEGO Driving school you get the chance to become a real driver, on real roads with a real licence, and at Coastgaurd HQ you can navigate a LEGO safari driving your own LEGO speedboat. We all squealed and screamed a lot and laughed even more!

LEGOLAND Windsor, LEGOLAND, Bricktastic, Child Friendly Holidays

All Aboard the Knight’s Quest!

Lots for Tots

Though our boys are older now, you can enjoy a good number of the rides with tiny tots too. The map even colour codes attractions for “Tiny Feet” and Duplo Valley, filled with all of your favourite Duplo blocks, is at the centre of it all. The LEGO train and the Duplo train are fantastic, with many LEGO sites to behold along the way. Don’t forget to visit the lost city of Atlantis on a submarine, take a balloon flight at the balloon school, ride the Merry-go-round or sail along Fairy-tale brook whilst you look out for your favourite characters.

Once you are 0.9 metres (around 3) even more adventure awaits, you can ride a fire-engine and put out a fire, become a mini-driver, fly helicopters and spin spiders. It’s a park that grows with you, and as you get bigger there are more adventures to be had, and even more fun to be found.


Around every corner there is another LEGO surprise waiting to delight you. LEGO MiniLand is an awe-inspiring site to behold for budding LEGO builders of all ages. Famous landmarks from across the world have been lovingly recreated and brought together in the most stunning of LEGO Displays. I was able to show the boys the Las Vegas strip, the skyscrapers of NYC, and the lions they have clambered on so many times in Trafalgar square, all without leaving Windsor! For two Star Wars super fans, the LEGO Star Wars exhibition was absolutely spectacular, with huge replicas of the Death Star, Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader, Yoda and all of your other favourites too. There are also LEGO stations in the queues for rides, to entice budding builders whilst they wait.

The Shows

An eclectic mix of delightful acrobatics and song, the wonderful LEGOLAND shows are a welcome break when your feet need a rest. The Pirates Show was full of participation, an all singing and dancing event, during which everyone cheered as pirates dived and spun from heights into the water. I couldn’t convince the boys to try LEGO friends, but I’m sure that would have been equally as brilliant. We also made it to the Ninjago show where we further honed our Ninja Skills in order to defeat a rather grumpy Serpent.

The Best of The Rest

On a hot day, the fantastic Duplo Splash Park provides an extra helping of fun, adventure, and escape from the heat. There are many giggles and splashes to be had amidst Duplo tigers, and polar bears. There are also several excellent parks on site which provide another welcome spot for a bit of time out between queues.

Finally, it was time to leave, and we were all a bit sad, because the kids were filled with delight, from bottom to brim, all day long. With a last exhausted hug my 9 year old looked up at me, wide-eyed, and said “This is my best day ever. Thank you for bringing me here Mummy”

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

If you would like to experience LEGOLAND, we recommend staying in the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, which offers endless extra magic and your second park day free! For more information, please visit our UK Resorts Page.

Top Hints and Tips

•Legoland is exceptionally baby friendly. Not only are there plenty of amusements to keep your little ones entertained, you’ll also find buggy parking, baby changing facilities, buggies for hire, a baby room for baby feeding, easy access for buggies, nappies available to buy in the toilets and buggy hire.

•A Q Bot is a good idea if your children are old enough for the majority of the rides. In peak season, LEGOLAND can get busy. A Q Bot allows you to book on a ride whilst in the queue for another, saving valuable time. It’s an extra expense (£25 a Bot) but it could get you on quadruple the rides.

•Take a packed lunch. There are lots of places to eat and buy drinks but they are pricey and will lose you valuable time. Eat a picnic in front of a show instead.

•Plan your day. Get there for opening and dash to one of the most popular rides before the queue builds. The first and last hour at the park are the quietest: make the most of this time and use the peak time (from midday to 3 or 4pm) to make the most of shows and amusements if the park is very busy.

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